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The Quiet Chair

Bauhaus was the first in the UK to introduce a Quiet Chair option in-salon, and it’s gained international media coverage, featuring in more than 100 newspapers, magazines and blogs, and making it onto The Today Show in New York.

Shortlist magazine even said we had ‘revolutionised the hair cut forever.’

We know that not everybody wants to chat every time they go to the hair salon, so the Quiet Chair service is a free, optional add-on to your hair appointment that you can select any time you visit.
It means that for the duration of your appointment, you’ll be free to relax in peace and do whatever you need to do – from catching up on emails, to reading or just zoning out.

We won’t ask you any questions that don’t relate to your hair needs or whether you’d like another coffee.

Just book your appointment in the usual way, asking for a ‘quiet chair booking’ when you call.